A lot more people came today than I expected because of the weather. Wind, rain and at one time hail stones. All were very cheerful about it and swapping stories of the weather yesterday and their latest news. Scores were good to say how bad the wind was and some ventured out for a second round. We had more renewals of membership and one person new to shooting who had finally got his Shotgun Licence joined. We had the practice stand up ready for several learners but only one of them turned up. I expect the others looked out of the window and decided today was not a good day to make a start on shooting especially as one of them was a child. See you next time and hopefully it will be sunshine for you.

My shotgun malfunctioned so I only shot one stand so it looks like a visit to the knowledgeable and helpful Ian. Should you need a repair or service for your gun ring me and I will give you his phone number.

We have decided to join in with the Bronte Vintage Gathering again this year. They have not been able to run it for two years because of the dreaded Covid virus so let us hope we have good weather and it raises a lot of money for the local Manorlands hospice. It is the second weekend in May, both the Saturday and Sunday so if you can spare some time to help please let me know.



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