You don’t need to be a member and you don’t even need  a gun, a shotgun license, or any previous experience! Just come along to our shoot (Sunday mornings on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month) and have a go under the expert supervision of our friendly club officers.  


You do not need to book to shoot and those with Shotgun Certificates are only asked to bring it with you to show when booking on for the first time. For non shotgun certificate holders and those who do not bring their certificates you will be asked to complete the SIGNING IN form.

PLEASE NOTE: Those people prohibited from owning or using a firearm will not be able to use the club ground. This question is part of our form & you will need to sign our visitors log to confirm your eligibility.

Do I need my own certificate ?

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No. It is legal to use a shotgun under limited circumstances such as under supervision at a club like ours that has been issued with a certificate by the police to cover section 11(6) of the Firearms Act 1996.


PLEASE NOTE: You will need to show a valid license if you wish to use your own gun and shoot unsupervised at the ground

What Shall I Bring ?

Our club ground is located on the top of the moor so appropriate clothing is the most important thing! Especially a sturdy pair of boots if it has been raining as some areas can be quite muddy.


We will supply the use of a gun with cartridges, set the machines up with some clays & give you some ear protection.

If you have not beed before then please download the attached document. Complete all the sections and then bring with you on the day to sign or email us a copy and we will have it ready.

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