Please note that only current holders of a valid shotgun certificate are eligible to become full members. Presentation of this certificate will be required when joining or after the recorded expiry date of your current licence.

Visitors are always welcome, we would ask that you contact us if they require supervison. If shooting with a member we would also ask you let us know when you pay on for the day so we can ensure our records are kept upto date.

Why should I join?

The benefits are

  • You will pay less to shoot each round

  • You will be able to enter any of our competitions

  • You are supporting our local club and ensuring it is here for us all to enjoy.


At the end of the year all the members are put into three classes according to their averages, and trophies and medals are awarded accordingly.



The cost of membership for 2022 is £40.00


  • 50 Clay's + 50 12g cartridges - £23.00

  • All 50 Clay's only - £11.00

  • 12g cartridges £5.75 box

  • 20g cartridges £6.70 box

  • 410 cartridges £7.25 box


  • 50 Clay's + 50 12g cartridges - £24.00

  • 50 Clay's only - £12.00

  • Second round clay's only - £11.00

  • 12g cartridges - £5.50/25 box

  • 20g cartridges - £6.70/25 box


  • £10.00 - 50 Clay's

  • Novice  - £6.00 - 10 Clay's


  • 11.30am

All shooters may book on for a second round once they have completed their first round.