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Pool Shoot this sunday!

As well as the normal 50 bird event we will be running a pool shoot competition In an effort to raise club funds.

This competition will be tried for the next six shoots and if a success / popular it will continue.

You pay for your normal round of 50 clays. If you wish to take part in the Pool Shoot you pay an extra £5.00 and a note will be made that you have entered the competition.

You do not shoot any extra birds and you must enter the competition and pay when booking on. Those who do NOT wish to enter the competition shoot and pay in the usual way.

£3.00 of the £5.00 will go towards the prize fund and £2.00 will go to club funds.

When you have finished shooting you return your card to the booking on cabin as normal.

The scores of those who have entered the competition will be checked at the end of the shoot and the highest scorer will get 2/3 of the prize fund and the second highest will get 1/3 of the prize fund.

Any questions then please contact us or ask when you book in.

See you all Sunday!



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