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7TH July 2024.

A good day yesterday, we had both visitors and new members and the regulars enjoyed it too. One a small girl who had a go with the .410 told me it was fun. Some were hard birds and I am considering eating rabbit food if means you can jump and run like that. The only down bit was a puncture in a tyre on the Tractor. Fortunately a small wheel so lovely Ronnie took it away for repair. Our plan for a delivery of clays next week has had to be shelved as we cannot now get the tractor out of the way so hope we don't run out next shoot. We think we have enough to do it. Ordered plenty of the Gamebore cartridges that you all liked.

The Alan Hayes Trophy was kindly presented by Graeme to Gary C. as the previous winner had left the ground. We purchased another shotgun for use by visitors as our one and only 12B is always in use when we need it yet again. We will see how we get on with the new one but the owner of it did quite a good score on Sunday. He returned home to clean it before handing it over, that was kind of him.

We still have some unclaimed raffle prizes and as we got two more prizes two more tickets were pulled. The numbers left are 341 383 409 420 plus 361 and 410. If these are not claimed we will have to have another raffle so look up your tickets before next shoot as that will be your last chance.



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Have a look at the numbers listed below to see if you have won anything. Tomorrow we will also be presenting the Manorlands Cup. It has to go to someone who has a top score but has not won it before.


The numbers seem to have gone missing from the last posting, it goes off and comes back as I type and I never realised that row had gone. They are; 306 325 330 341 358 360 378 383 391 401 405 409 411


The prizes will be handed out at the next shoot but if you cannot attend to pick it up please either ring or email me so I can tell you what the prizes is. It could be something you would rather not


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