The first Sunday, 1st of May, is our normal club shoot, the second weekend in May, 7th and 8th is the Bronte Vintage Gathering, the third Sunday, the 15th, is our normal club shoot again, the following Sunday is free but the last Sunday, 29th of May is our annual extra shoot on our own ground at Denholme in aid of Manorlands Hospice in Oxenhope. I hope to see you at all those events. The Bronte Vintage Gathering is in aid of Manorlands and we have not been able to do it for the last two years because of Covid restrictions so let us raise lots of cash for a very deserving cause. The extra shoot at our ground is where there is a cup to be presented and hopefully some folks will bring items for prizes. The weather is supposed to quite warm and dry in May so all keep your fingers crossed for that. See you all this coming Sunday.



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It was great to see so many new faces on Sunday, some who had a go at the Bronte Vintage Gathering wanting to try shooting again. We had the practice stand up so they could have plenty of time for in

WOW !! We broke all records with 313 “have a go” shooters last weekend at the Bronte Vintage Gathering. We had children trying to beat their Dad’s, girlfriends trying to beat their boyfriends, wives

A massive thank you to all those who came to the “Have a go” stand at the Bronte Vintage Gathering today. Everyone who had a go came away with a smile and a memorable experience! Anyone wanting to tak