New Faces

We had quite a few new faces on Sunday morning and it was busy with membership renewals as well. The day was fine, lovely sunshine, little wind, what more could we ask for?

Everyone said what a great day they had, first time shooters saying they wanted to come again, members calling out as they went past the booking on cabin that they would see us all next time. Cheerful faces all round.

The only sad thing was that it was six years ago to the day that one of our members died while waiting his turn to shoot. The ground was covered in snow that day. When I went to see his wife she said he would have died happy because coming to the club and having a shoot, chatting to his friends was what he loved.

I am now trying to think of some kind of competition for our usual Spring Event. We have the Waterloo one in summer and Trafalgar in the Autumn but for the Spring competition we try to come up with something new. Do any of you have any ideas? A few years ago it was on 1st April and I gave the three prizes to the ones who scored least clays. Well it was April fool's day ! The top scorers were surprised but they took it in a very sportsmanship way and laughed about it.



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