For the non-shooters who I know read this, it is not our fluffy bunnies but a clay target travelling along the ground that this is all about. We don't have a special trap or proper clays for the rabbits so that is why occasionally we get one that leaps into the air but it just adds to the fun. We will not be putting it on at every shoot as we like to keep everything a bit different each time. We were glad to see more new faces yesterday, some of them not having shot before. Visitors are always welcome at our ground. We have invested in more water carriers after running out of water a shoot or two ago. That was the first time in our long history it had happened. Two shooters had a bacon butty each yesterday and reserved some for later, must be good bacon. The members who had won prizes at the Spring Competition picked up their awards, some free shoots, some boxes of cartridges, biscuits etc but one member missed out. His scorer put the wrong total on his card and so he didn't get a prize but he was only worried about his average. Thank goodness for that. The next shoot is the 17th so let us hope we have some more sunshine for that one.



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