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Record Fund Raising

WOW !! We broke all records with 313 “have a go” shooters last weekend at the Bronte Vintage Gathering. We had children trying to beat their Dad’s, girlfriends trying to beat their boyfriends, wives having a go with husbands and of course teenage boys trying to beat each other and one boy trying to beat his previous score at the Gathering some years ago. The members doing the instructing did well. Kneeling down to help the younger children with the .410 was appreciated. The ladies were pleased with their instructors, one middle aged and very nervous man was given enough confidence to hit several clays and went away very happy with a big smile on his face. One of our members checked at the end of Saturday and found he had walked seven miles going from the stand to collect cartridges and then across to collect a gun and back to the stand. He still turned up on Sunday to do it all again. Two sons of members worked jolly hard as well helping to sort cartridges into small boxes. They were in the cabin with me and they were happy to be able to help. The “cabin” was a cattle truck with the usual steep ramp and little children, too small to have a go and not wanting to watch ran up and down it all day really enjoying themselves. Two spectators said how organised we were, it seemed a surprise to them but that is what we do. Everyone pulled together and everything went smoothly. There were lots of enquiries about our shoot at Denholme. I posted a cheque yesterday for £1000.00 to Manorlands our local Sue Ryder Hospice. A good outcome as they need all the money they can get not having been able to hold a lot of their fund raising events in the last two years because of the pandemic. Well done Flying Black 9 members who gave their time to help.


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