I hope everyone enjoyed the shoot yesterday, one or two new faces which is always good. Now having eaten all your chocolate Easter Eggs it is time to think about the 'Gathering. It is on a non club shooting weekend, the 7th and 8th of May. We have missed two years because of lockdowns but it should go ahead this year. For those who have never heard of it please look on their website to find out what there is to see. We run a "have a go" clay shoot so that folks can do ten shots and find out if they think the sport is for them. Children of course want to go to school on Monday and tell their pals they have been shooting at the weekend. A grandfather brought a small boy to have a go one year and although they didn't know anyone who shot that had given advice beforehand the boy hit seven out of the ten. We do need some more helpers so if you can come for a couple of hours please get in touch with me. Some instruct, some look after the guns, some dish out the required 10 cartridges, some help to book people on, some keep an eye on spectators although there is a cordon round the shooting area. Sometimes Mum or Dad will want a photo so they need an escort. The traps, cages and other equipment will of course be looked after by our regular helpers. The profit goes to Manorlands, our local Sue Ryder Hospice so a worthwhile cause. They have had a tough time during the lockdowns when most of their usual fund raising could not take place. Let us hope the weather is kind and we get lots of cash to pass on.



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